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I've worked in health care almost all my life. I am a second generation radiologic technologist. I've been in hospitals as far back as I can remember. From selling newspapers in 1976 to transporting patients 1988, I've always had a strong commitment for compassionate patient care. I've been a phlebotomist for 19 years, a radiologic technologist for 16, and a CT technologist for 10 years.

While I've worked primarily a full-time job at one hospital for 15 years, I've had numerous part-time jobs. From working as a phlebotomist in a 10-doctor OB/GYN office to a CT technologist at level-one trauma center to an x-ray tech in an occupational health/urgent care center, my flexibility to adapt to various situations and environments is obvious. I also have a history of covering co-workers' vacation hours, filling in, staying over, and working when no one else will.

I'm currently looking for a position in a radiology or CT department (or a mixture of the two). I prefer weekends and nights, but will work days. I'm looking for an employer that values and rewards compassionate care, ingenuity, and a commitment to a solving problems.


Phlebotomy wasn't a career path I ever considered. But a phlebotomy class fit perfectly into my college class schedule and I thought it might be a valuable skill. Being a part-time student, I needed to work while going to school. Working as a phlebotomist was a perfect job for a student. By working early morning hours and weekends, I was still free to go to class and clinical during the day. As my experience increased, so did my love for phlebotomy. Like many things in life, being able to perform venipunctures on a variety of patients is a gift that you either have or you don't. I have it and I've always loved drawing blood.


Since I was a small child I've been surrounded by x-ray techs. It's a career choice that's allowed me to continue to provide compassionate care in a way that is healing for my patients and myself. The role of a diagnostic radiologic technologist is so varied, so you have to be flexible. Going from a surgery suite to an ER suite to a patient's bedside takes a special kind of person. I've always enjoyed the diversity of work that I've experienced in radiologic technology.


I started doing CT scans during the night shift while working as a diagnostic radiologic technologist. Being a tech geek, CT was a perfect fit for me and I've continued to grow as a CT technologist. I've worked on the following machines:

  • GE ProSpeed
  • GE LightSpeed VCT(64 slice)
  • GE HiSpeed CT/e
  • Phillips IDT10
  • Phillips Brillance (64 slice)
  • Marconi UltraZ
  • Phillips MX8000 (4 slice)

I've adapted each time a new machine was introduced and have been very proactive in becoming proficient on each scanner.



My employment history is as diverse as it is strong. I believe that having multiple skill sets help make a strong employee.

2013 Group Health Cooperative

Group Health Cooperative provides nationally acclaimed primary care and specialty services.

2010 - PRESENT DAYSt. Mary's Hospital

St. Mary's is a 440 bed hospital that offers a full range of inpatient and outpatient treatment and diagnostic services in primary care and nearly all specialties.

I took a part-time job at St. Mary's and loved it so much I quit my long commute (to Milwaukee).

2009-2010St. Francis Hospital-Wisconsin

St. Francis Hospital is a 260 bed hospital on the southside of Milwaukee. St. Francis is part the Wheaton Franciscian Network.

1985-1986, 1988-1992, 1994-2009St. Francis Hospital and Health Centers-Indiana

St. Francis Hospital and Health Centers (Beech Grove campus) is a 540 bed hospital located on the south side of Indianapolis.

The foundations of my health care experience were acquired at this hospital. From my beginnings doing film storage processing to transporter and finally to technologist, the focus of the hospital was always clear. I'm grateful for the skills I gained while employed there.

2000-2002Wishard Health Services

Wishard is a bed hospital and a level-one trauma center. It is an urban hospital that serves the underprevlidged in the metro Indianapolis area.

Wishard gave me the confidence and skills to work under pressure.

1997American Portable Medical Lab

American Portable is a mobile lab/radiology company that serves mostly the southern most part of Indiana and parts of northern Kentucky.

1996Accustat Medical Lab

Accustat Medical Lab was (no longer in business) a mobile x-ray/lab company that served many nursing homes and group homes in the central Indiana area.

1992-1994Library Park Immediate Care

Library Park (business sold) was a busy immediate care facility in Greenwood, Indiana. While I was hired mainly as a x-ray technologist, my duties also included rooming and getting vital signs from patients, assisting physicians in minor procedures, and other back office duties.

1992-1994Community East Hospital Lab

Community East Hospital is a 316 bed hospital on the east side of Indianapolis.


1991 - 1994IVY TECH STATE COLLEGE, Indiana

My major was radiology. I was class president and the student senate representative for my program as well. I maintained a 3.125 GPA while working and taking care of my family. I did my radiology clinicals at Johnson Memorial Hospital in Franklin, Indiana.

Associate of Applied Science



I won't ask you to believe what I say about my work history, you can ask my previous colleagues. I've left out last names, email addresses, and phone numbers due to privacy concerns but will give full contact information upon request.


"Martha and I have worked together for over 5 years. In that time Martha primarily worked third shift at one of our busier hospitals. As you may guess, this is when the radiologist becomes the most grumpy. Martha was always affable and quick to respond. She made the shift fun. Professionally she has shown exemplary performance in her interaction with patients and staff. Martha is smart, considerate, and thorough in her work."


"I can hopefully fill your position, but how can I replace you?"


"You're one of my best hires!"



I look forward to hearing from you!

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""Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every conceived notion, follow humbly wherever and whatever abysses nature leads, or you will learn nothing." ~ Thomas Huxley




This website is a work in progress. My goal is to give you a more complete view of who I am and what I can offer you and your facility. One of the central themes in life has been building on top of my previous successes. I view life as a mountain I won't finish climbing until I die. I never want to stop searching, stop learning, or stop loving. I have much the same attitude about my job as I do my life. The skills I learn at each job impact the employee I am today. Change can be frightening, but it also is invigorating, thrilling, and exciting. I want a work place that rewards and encourages my growth.


My interests include social media, blogging, video and audio podcasting, messing around with open source PACS and 3-D viewers . I love to go hiking, swimming, and water skiing.

Thanks for looking at my CV.

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